Monday, September 21, 2009

Cloudy windy day

So, part of the mons- visited sentosa for a sun tanning session
on a not so-sunny-day as we forecast
but at the end of the day we still got slightly tanned! :D

Well well, for this whole holiday im practically very free,
so anyone who wants to hang out pleaseeee just drop me a text if im free ill revert back hoho!
My year 3.1 results will be out on Wednesday, *pulls hair and screammm!*
Hopefully my ipp and fyp results will pull up my GPA, oh please do!
And cant believe that im gonna hit 20 this year already, i so dont wanna get pass the age of 20 HAHA ._.

Anyhow, ive chose a few pictures to edit
tell me, have i succeed in making it look a lil more sunny at sentosa?
That day was really cloudy and windy okayyyy

and oh!
we saw weikiat with a group of grandjuniors, jovelle visiting the beach too
had fun watching them dunk each other into the sea
and hope i recieve a scanned version of the pics from the holga, bet its gonna be so niceeeeee

J: puhahahahahahah

hi zhenxin nice to meet you

so sunny!

and we all bought this cute mat! ANIMAL IN FOREST :3

If you just talk to me baby
Till we ain't strangers anymore..